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Jumbo Eye Pencil



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Creamy | Smudge-proof | Blendable | Long-wearing


I like this product because it blends in easily. It's also possible to sharpen it with a jumbo sharpener although most fail to realize that it actually CAN be sharpened. It's a bit messy to sharpen to I would recommend freezing it first in the freezer for a while & then sharpening it so it's easier and mess free. I love the variety of colours & how pigmented all of them are. It is pretty big so it does get tough to tightline.
This product makes a really good base if you want your eyeshadows to pop! Very creamy and blendable. You're also getting a lot of product in just one pencil. The price is also easy on your wallet ;) Be sure to have a sharpener that is able to fit the size of the pencil and also be careful when sharpening!
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