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Jumbo Eye Pencil


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Creamy | Smudge-proof | Blendable | Long-wearing


As a makeup artist, I swear by this as my go-to eye shadow base, especially if I'm working with eye pigments. It can also be used on it's own for a quick one-color eye shadow--its creamy, very easy to blend. I've yet to try all shades but my faves are Black Bean, Pure Gold and Yoghurt. Value for money!
This is must have for mua, u can use it as eye primer/base, eyeshadows, eyeliner etc
Super blend able and pigmented, i love rust, cocoa and milk!

When im so lazy to make up, i just apply this to my eyelids and blend with finger, apply mascara wallahhh im ready to go out!
"Shade - Milk"
I like this product because it blends in easily. It's also possible to sharpen it with a jumbo sharpener although most fail to realize that it actually CAN be sharpened. It's a bit messy to sharpen to I would recommend freezing it first in the freezer for a while & then sharpening it so it's easier and mess free. I love the variety of colours & how pigmented all of them are. It is pretty big so it does get tough to tightline.
"Shade - Milk"
This product makes a really good base if you want your eyeshadows to pop! Very creamy and blendable. You're also getting a lot of product in just one pencil. The price is also easy on your wallet ;) Be sure to have a sharpener that is able to fit the size of the pencil and also be careful when sharpening!
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