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Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment



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Crease Resistant | Full Coverage | Blendable


Crease resistant? To a certain length, added that it was set with a loose powder. I used Laura Mercier's Transluscent Loose Powder. Full coverage? Buildable. But tends to slide around if not set properly, especially on oily areas. Blendable? Yes, but, once it dries it just sorta slides and separates, unless i use a damp beauty blender. Idk, i like the way it makes my skin look, but i really gotta work with it. Maybe its just me, idk
It was a good concealer in general but when it came to pigmentation? I found it so-so. It's a concealer targeted for 'dark circles' in which personally I have little to none so concealing the area would be almost too easy, however I felt like it didn't conceal or brighten as much as I would like it too. I'm also not a big fan of the applicator personally even if it's stated to be antibacterial because the twisting to get product out annoys me. It's still decent to me and i'd use it everyday, building the coverage is harder with the applicator though but workable still for a natural concealed finish
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