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A formula with a fine, light texture that ensures a natural, undetectable finish. The only trace it leaves behind is a distinct radiance: skin appears free of dark circles and any visible trace of shadow. By perfectly blending with the skin, Healthy Mix concealer visibly erases signs of fatigue as it brightens and energises the eye contour in a single step!


The reformulation brings along an Anti-Fatigue Healthy Mix Concealer that is suitable for your undereyes. Similarly, it also has the same vitamins blend to help brighten up the undereye area. The consistency is much more liquidy compared to the foundation and it feels a lot lighter on the skin too.
I am impressed with this new formula. First, the smell is amazing. Just like the foundation, it blends so well when using a beauty blender; which i like so much. It has more like a watery consistency; not too thick therefore perfect for dry undereyes girls like me. But the only complaint i had about this concealer is the lack of yellow undertoned shade and it also seems lacking in pigmentation as i had to apply 2 layers to achieved to coverage that i desired. Overall, this is a great product =)
I like this concealer particularly for my under eyes! It blends like a dream!! I get very lazy to damp my beauty sponge sometimes so I like to use my fingers to blend products and I love love that its so non drying and easy to blend.. Its very hydrating and lightweight .! It gives a natural finish but my problem with this is that it doesnt give u full coverage (well since the texture is pretty light). U also need more than one swipe of application for decent pigment and layering of product by the way... Overall its a decent product.. I hope they extend their shades for this concealer as well
what do i love about this product ?
-smells like heaven (no doubt)
-it really does cover up my blemishes & my dark circles (after 2-3 layers applied) but still doesn't crease my under eye or whatsoever !!! (super light concealer !)

what i dislike about this product ?
- i REALLY HOPE it does come with MORE SHADES to choose. i bet there's so many malaysian with darker skin tone including myself.
Loveee the doe foot applicator and the packaging. Love the consistency of the product as well. This concealer is quite thick and blends easily with your foundation and it smells amaaaazing!

There are two things that I have a problem with this product.
1- It doesn't really cover all your blemishes/undereye dark circles after one application, you kinda have to build it up.
2- I really hope that it comes out with more shades and undertone .

Overall it's a GREAT product!
The only concealer that has great scent! When the first time i used this concealer, applied it after i have my foundation on, and set it with powder. Few hours later, i can see that it creased around my smile line and i felt a little bit disappointed with it :( BUT few days later, i tried again this concealer without the foundation and set it with powder. Surprisingly, it doesn't crease at all. So I'm kinda having love-hate relationship with this concealer. Maybe my smile line area is a little bit drying. Hopefully, Bourjois could come with more shades :)
Hm, I don't mind this concealer. The only one in my collection with the signature fruity scent like the foundation of the same has. It is lightweight on the skin, however it is too light for my skin. I wished Bourjois produce more color range for this one. Best worn under my powder foundation.

For me it is a bit too watery, I prefer my concealer to be thicker in consistency but somewhat light. I have dark spots on my face, the coverage need more building to get where I want. Appreciate the Vitamin Mix!
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Bourjois NEW Healthy Mix Concealer

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