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They're Real! Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics

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Defining | Lengthening | Volumizing | Long-wearing


I'd pick a plastic-bristles mascara over any other types mainly because it doesn't clump your lashes-- and I'm very particular of that (because spider-y lashes…? Yikes! No for me) They're Real Mascara definitely does the job of volumizing and lengthening the lashes, without any clumps. The formula isn't waterproof but I personally don't have any problems with that. I'd say the only drawback to this product is the price. Its quite pricey! I've repurchased this twice before, so yeah. It's definitely worthy to try out, if you're a first timer.
On to my 3rd tube of this mascara can definitely tell you how much I love it! It separates, elongates and leaves my lashes looking big and voluminous too! People kept asking if i was wearing fake lashes but no, it was just this on my lashes. It stays on like NOTHING ELSE. I've walked in the rain with this and nope, it did not smudge and mind you, this mascara was not advertised to be a waterproof mascara.

However, I must say that it is quite a pain in the butt to remove. I really have to place my cotton pad soaked in micellar water on my eyes for a good 30seconds before wiping it off. But the pain of removing it is nothing to how awesome my lashes look!
I LOVE THIS! I managed to poke my own eyeballs with it's bristles a few times but the fact that they are definitely lengthening and volumizing, I don't mind being poked ;p Mine is in blue, so will definitely get the other colors! OBSESSED!
"Shade - Jet Black"
Benefits cosmetics has never failed to impress me. I love this mascara and it's in the shade jet black. The packaging is good and the wand is eye friendly. If you are new to this glamorous makeup world than, this is what you need. The application is flawless and foolproof, all you got to do is place it on you lashes and roll away… The wand not only helps to emphasize your lashes, it also combs it thru and gives you a clump free application/lashes in every application. It dries off fast and prevents mascara smudges – the big eye hot mess kind of thing. They also come in 3 colors (black,blue and brown).
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Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara

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