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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Becca Cosmetics

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A limited-edition, iconic face palette, featuring five shades of highlighter and blush—in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, creator of the original Champagne Pop.


"Shade - Rose Spritz"
Like other Becca palettes, the texture is noticeably drier and looser in the pan for the highlighters, compared to the standalone formula, which is something I notice more by feel and initial application, but it doesn’t seem to change the color, tone, or the way the product looks applied and blended on the skin (this is my only hesitation about the palette). Worth noting, Becca called out the Mineral Blushes as matte, but their interpretation of matte is more like true satin–there is a sheen to the skin but is not overly shimmery, and secondly, Becca seems to market their blushes as more buildable/medium in coverage but all three are very pigmented–this is, as a result, reflected in the rating but if you like your blushes pigmented, you should mentally bump up the ratings.

Overall, it is a nice cheek palette, though it leans very warm and coral-toned with three of five having higher-sheen finishes so it’ll be best for those who like their golds and pink-corals and more of a metallic finish than a subtle highlight. I think making either Rose Spritz or Pamplemousse more of a cooler-toned shade would have helped make the palette more versatile (maybe a mauve or plum). The packaging is heft, very solid, and some might even find it a little too heavy to carry in an everyday bag. It clicks closed, and the lid stays up, so it is usable–probably some of the nicest cheek/face palette packaging released in awhile. For me, personally, it’s very easy to wear on my coloring, and as they’re all blendable, they are easy to use as well. I could definitely see traveling with this one.
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Becca Cosmetics Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

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