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Ultra Satin Lip

Point Zero


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Our Ultra Satin Lip is a lightweight, bold lipstick with a Satin finish. A super comfortable feel and healthy satin look for you lips. Ultra Satin Lip has a crazy high percentage of pigments for extra intense colour saturation. This lipstick is extremely long wearing, although not completely kiss proof– you may leave some marks on your coffee cup!

Satin Finish | Lightweight | Long-wearing


If you have tried Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip and not a fan of its tackiness, then you should definitely give Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip a go! This particular shade, Point Zero matches my pigmented lip, and i LOVE how this goes on smoothly, without much effort and covers all parts of my dry lips. Best to layer with lipbalm before wearing this and IMO, this is the kind of nude that looks good with med-full coverage makeup otherwise your face look a bit...off.
Totally agree with you Roze. Love the ColourPOP ultra satin formula way better than the ultra Matte. They're not much drying and flacks on lips either. I Have a few nudes from ultra satin range and I love them. Might gonna get point Zero next time I place order.

Waiting for next free international shipping by ColourPOP haha!
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