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Original Replenishing Post Shave Balm


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Primer | Mosturizing | Long-lasting


I actually think its a really good primer and definitely inexpensive! My face feels fresh, moisturised and has a good base for all my other makeup to be put on top
My makeup just glides and glow with this in a good way. For RM22.90 in a full 100ml glass bottle, this could last for a long time. I use this as makeup primer before applying foundation, just a pea-size amount and glide it all over the face. It smells like men's perfume but the scent will lessen over time. But once you realize this makes your foundation even, smooth and last LONG (5 hours or more), you'll forget that you smell like a man. Haha!
One of the makeup world's greatest discovery. I was iffy about it at first but when I saw Kathleen Lights did a video on it, I was sold! Bought it, tested it out and boy I was SURPRISED that after 10 hours, my makeup still looked awesome! I can still see traces of my bronzer and blush when usually with other primers i've tried, it should have been gone by then.

Needless to say, this 'primer' is the best I have ever tried! And please don't worry about the men smell, it gradually disappears after you apply your makeup :)
I really like this product, I have facial hair and I remove it every 2 days using all the sophisticated chemicals - facial hair removal creams. My hair is dark and so are my facial hair, If I dun remove it frequently it will leave black rash like bumps on my face - I think they are hair stubs. The cream only takes off the most top part of the hair leaving behind the roots that like to sabotage my appearance. At this point, I must stop and thank my dear hubby for all the tolerance and acceptance. He has not shown any form of disgust. I am truly blessed to have him as my life partner.

Facial hair removal creams are very potent, they do tend to break and dehydrate the skin. I have been using many different brands in the longest of time. Never found one formula that actually shows some care on the face. The Nivea After Shave is now my new found "Holly Grail", I truly mean it....it just hugs and comforts the skin. Very hydrating and makes my face feel supple. I do add on some moisturizer over it.

The balm contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 that helps with skin repair and regeneration after shaving. Sounds too fancy for a man's product. I am loving every bit of it; definitely, definitely a repurchase for me. Oh yeah it smells like a man, yummy you say.....totally!!. The scent doesn't linger as much, very strong upon application but disappears as I layer up makeup. It has been 3 hrs now, no itchiness or oil build-up. Let's see how it feels later in the evening.
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Nivea Original Replenishing Post Shave Balm

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