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Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation


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Skin Moisturizing | Oil Control | Long-wearing


This is probably the best foundation that works for my oily skin so far!!! My face usually shines just after 5 mins of foundation application (even with loose powder on top). I've coupled this with NYX Shine Killer mattifier and these two works wonders together! I do realize this oxidize a tad bit when I'm in a humid and hot areas, perhaps get some samples of this to make sure it works for you. Best hack to overcome this is to set the makeup with a loose powder. Holy grail for me!
Updated review: I previously raved about this foundation, but after more than 6 months using this, found some disadvantages. It still an OK of a foundation, but..the most apparent cons are depending on the weather or your body temp, this foundation oxidise and gives an orangey appearance, which after comparing it to my newer foundation purchase, its kinda obvious. Though it dries out matte, those who dislike a thick, full coverage foundation consistency may not want to use this on daily basis.
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