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Ultra Matte Lip


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This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves SUPER intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It's very long wearing and completely kiss proof

Matte | Pigmented | Long-wearing


Formula very watery. Dries down to flat matte finish. Stays all day. But do avoid greasy food. Have variety of shades that will suites all skintone. Re touch up is not recommended, it will crack and gross.
"Shade - Silhouette"
One of my favourite red lip colour! The new ultra matte formula are amazing! It glides on smoothly and doesn't dry out my lips. If you tried the original formula, give the new one a try, trust me, they are so much better!
"Shade - Highball"
The quality is AMAZEBALLS for such an affordable price. Definitely in love with the pigmentation and it's long lasting matte finish. However this may not look good on chapped lips, so please prime your lips with a hydrating lip balm for a smooth application. Anyway.... LOVE LOVE LOVEEE
Pigmentation is impressive for price point however there are a few things I disliked about this product that I cannot shake off. Firstly, it dries down matte but tends to be very drying and cracks during the day. Secondly, the wear off is awkward as it just goes patchy after a meal and is so obvious especially with bold colours far from lip colour. Thirdly, packaging looked good for me at first then it started scratching and peeling all over (the tube looks horrible now) but forgiven due to price point. Next, the product is now clumpy in the tube. I would still give a try on the other shades for UML but not a very good rep with me now
I feel like it's a hit or miss kinda product. The reason why is that bcoz I've tried a few shades and each shade the formula is different. I don't know why. One thing is for sure is that it's really matte & stays for quite some time until u eat oily stuff. The product claims that it doesn't smear but it does!! But I bought the newer version and it's perfectly fine. So it's still kinda 50/50 for me. It's not confirmed that it doesn't transfer or smear as how they claim it to be. So bottom line is that I love it but I won't invest so much on this product even though they have various shades.
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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

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