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Lime Crime

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Bought two browns from Velvetines line, in Shrooms (light brown) and Salem (dark brown).

Pros: The browns are like no colors I've seen, especially Shrooms. Shrooms is wearable for daily use but definitely not Salem, unless you want to rock goth daily or for dressy occasions. Read reviews that Velvetines has a better formula compared to ABH, in terms of longevity and the even-ness of the color once it dries up. It has a watery like formula, but SO pigmented. Best to line the lips with lip liner since it can be tough to control the color.

The cons: The color darkens within the first few minutes and like many liquid matte formula, its drying. Have tried to use lip balm as a base, but it did not budge that much. Also, do carry the product with you if you go out and eat...as long-lasting it is, the color will not stay when in contact with any oily food. Ate Sushi with this and there was a hole on my inner lip, LOL!

All in all, love the boldness and unique shades from Lime Crime. Glad to have purchased this for $20 with free shipping during their promo. It comes with a beautiful flowery box if you buy straight from Lime Crime site.
"Shade - Shrooms"
After wearing it for months, Shrooms is officially my favourite shade of the year. For some reason, the formula for Shrooms is quite different from Salem - it's thinner, almost watery-like which makes it quite comfortable and not drying on the lips, on top of conditioned (lip-balmed) lips of course. First coat will give an orangey brown look and two coats will make it to dark brown. To make the lip appear more 3D, I usually lined the lips with a dark burgundy lipliner. I don't mind eating oily food using this lipstick shade since the shade is nude-like and not obvious on the inner lip area when it budges out. Will restock again, provided there's a sale :D
"Shade - Shrooms"
I KNEW I'D SEE ROZE somewhere in this review area for Shroom! Hehe. She said it all. Shroom is by far my favorite shade and formula. For some reason, different shades from this Velvetine collection feature different formulas (at least in my opininon). Some are a little too thick, some too watery. But SHROOM IS JUST PERFECT.
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Lime Crime Velvetines

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