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Cheek & Lip Stain


Benefit Cosmetics

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Sheer Tint | Smudge Proof


I love this tint so much! I use the stiff brush to apply product on my cheeks and lips. Sadly I am allergic to it :( Dabbing twice on cheeks and tap it into my skin using fingers, and blush looks so pretty, especially if you want to opt for a korean blush look, or I selalu guna macam natural blush, even with no other makeup on face. Staying power is alright, especially on the lips. Even allergy pun I use jugak sometimes lepastu menyesal :))) Love the scent, it reminds me of sirap kenduri. ♥ Wey kalau tak alergi I'll use this everyday I kid you not. More colours please, Benefit Cosmetics?
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