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Clear Smooth All in One BB Cream


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SPF 26 | Natural Looking | Smooth


This BB Cream is very blendable and you don't even need brush or sponge. Just by using fingers, you get a light-medium coverage. It doesn't leave any streakyness like how foundation normally does. The only minus is that, the shade leans more on the pink side, but still wearable paired with yellow-tinted powder and bronzer
Cute and travel friendly packaging I must mention. Gives light overage, matte finish, smells kinda sweet, easily bendable and average staying power. Good part is Maybelline Clear Skin BB Cream consist SPF 21 PA+++ so its a perfect one for day time. One draw back, it comes in a limited shade range, might not match your skin if you have tan/olive skin tone.
I don't normally wear BB Cream mainly because I can never find a shade that matches my skin tone. However, I have used this on a client with sensitive-dry skin and it worked quite well as a base! It definitely brightens, moisturizes and evens out the skin. Very light coverage, you'd still need concealer to cover any redness/scars. This product is safe for everyday use as it's a perfect blend of makeup & skincare. Love the amount of SPF it offers! Perfect for our weather.
if u like little coverage and natural finish, you will love this. Fresh all day and not oily at least not on me. But they come in a few shades only and i wish they have more. Besides that, this smell so strong and i cant stand.
I'm not a fan of BB cream in general mostly because somehow it doesn't really work well with my skin, tends to make it a little fairer but Maybelline's BB Cream seems to work okay if i just need to tint my skin with spf for a day outdoors.
The light coverage and SPF in this BB cream makes it the ideal product for evening out your skin without feeling like you have a ton of product on. Love the feel and finish of this, just wish it came in a wider selection of shades.
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Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One BB Cream

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