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Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser


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Blurring | Lightweight | Matte


The best drugstore primer in my experience. Its silicon based so quite a heavy duty one yet lightweight enough even for daily use. Personally I do not have much visible pores so I can't really say how it is effective on pore erasing but In my case this primer really helps to prolong foundation's lasting power. Thus, makes a nice base for foundation to glide on easily and controls oil/shine for a decent time. I love it :)
i used this before and i know this is dupe for benefit porefessional, it did minimized my pore and make my makeup stay all day
Absolutely love everything about this product! From the consistency to the overall feel- I mean who doesn't love something that makes their skin feel like velvet!? I notice it does fill in my pores and help my foundation go on a lot smother, which I love!
Heard this is a dupe for Benefit's famous porefessional but really, forget about that now because this is one of the best products I've ever come across with. Been using this as primer for months now and my makeup does stay all day. It also helps pop your shadow colors out for real. Seriously worth every penny and it's cheap too. Sometimes I use this with my moisturizer if I wanna feel prepped (because my face is always bare on a daily basis. No makeup). It does minimize pores thus make your skin appear smoother. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE
A really good drugstore primer. It minimizes the pores instantly and my makeup stays for a long time and my face does not look shiny. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL
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Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

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