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A lipstick with hundreds of hues. The iconic product that made M·A·C famous.

Smooth | Pigmented | Long-wearing


This is one of my favourite lipstick, i love their satin and matte line, so opaque! My go to lipstick. The one that u can found in my handbag!
"Shade - All Fired Up"
OMG. Anyone if their sister, mother, auntie, cousins, grandmother and Great Grandmother should OWN this. All FIRED Up is the BOMB. I have never been soo in love with a Rose Reddish Lippie ever. And MAC All Fired Up just surprise me soo much. Definitely would Repurchased this..or stock for spare..LOL
"Shade - Please Me"
My go-to pink lipstick. The best matte lipstick i've came accross. No regrets!
"Shade - Velvet Teddy"
My nude lippie color. Always been my fav since day one. Its a must have shade!
"Shade - Velvet Teddy"
My fave go to nude lipstick. Its matte and I love how matte it is but the formula is not even drying at all.
Mac's ruby woo is my go to red lipstick, matte and stays all day long, doesn't dry out. Would definitely always recommend.
"Shade - Velvet Teddy"
I fail to understand why MAC initially thought that this lip colour does not suit Asian skin tone because this is my FAVOURITE nude lipstick! It complements my skin tone better than anything else!!
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