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Hypersharp Liner


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This is my 4th purchase of Hypersharp Liner since its first release. I would use this liner for my cat-eye daily use, with the support of eye primer for my oily lids and this basically stay put all day! The only disadvantage of this product is that it is not a matte-finish like gel liner, but still a must-have in my makeup bag.
My go-to eyeliner! Especially if you're working the cat-eye liner, the tip does the work magically. It definitely washes out if you have an oily lid but once you've set it with a matte black eye shadow, it'll last the whole day! Will I repurchase it? YES.
This the best eyeliner especially if you new to eyeliner, this will give you precise line, easy to do soft stroke or wing! Definately must have! I wish the color more black and matte then i will put this as 5star product!
For drugstore, it's the best eyeliner by far. It flows very smoothly out of the tip and is hyper glossy. The brush is silky and the pencil kind of body makes you handy to draw shapes of your own with ease. Not jet black but fine color to darken the eyelids.
I'm a lover for the winged eyeliner look and am very happy to find a precise and easy to use eyeliner. The fact that it's a pen helps a lot in easing your way to create any sort of eyeliner look whether simple or complicated in the shortest amount of time. Would give it a 5 but it's not jet black but still, amazing!
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Maybelline Hypersharp Liner

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