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Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara

01 Black

Estee Lauder

2 reviews

Smudge-free | Lengthening | Long-wearing


NEWSFLASH from a self-proclaimed oily lash girl! I don't know what magical ingredients they used, but this is the one mascara that lives up to the 'ZERO-SMUDGE' trait and its NOT A WATERPROOF mascara, which means it is so easy to remove at the end of the day unlike waterproof mascara that needs extra lash-pulling. You need two coats or more to volumes your lashes. This mascara stays on for HOURS and I often used this everyday for work (more than 10 hours, no joke) and it STAYS on my oily lashes and no trace of the smudge on my pudgy hooded eyes, nor my under eye. No wonder this is the most-beloved mascaras to those who have used this for years and years! I owned about 8-9 different mascaras from drugstore to premium brands and there are only 2 that have successfully clings on my lashes for hours, this one and Etude House Curl Fix (waterproof, which is like a hairspray of mascara). I totally recommend this to everyone. Though the price may be a bit steep (RM106), this is a worth buy if you wear mascaras daily and really don't want to be caught with smudges on the eyes.
Updated review: This mascara lives up to 'Zero Smudge' name for sure, I wore this for good 12 hours or more and it STAYS on my oily lids, which is a revelation! I may be over-excited on this product 2 months ago, but looking at most selfies I took with it, it doesn't curl, volumize and lengthen my lash that much hence the 'lost star'. Perhaps this mascara would work with eyelash primer, maybe. Although I do recommend this for those who regularly wear mascara, work long hours and still need to look fabulous and panda-free eyes at the end of the day.
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