#ShowYourGlow with Bourjois Malaysia

#ShowYourGlow with Bourjois Malaysia

#ShowYourGlow with Bourjois Malaysia

Challenge yourself to your GLOW-iest, healthy MOTD by joining #ShowYourGlow challenge till Mar 3 (Friday)

Challenge yourself to your GLOW-iest, healthy MOTD by joining #ShowYourGlow challenge till Mar 11 (Saturday)

Join the challenge! Take part in the #ShowYourGlow challenge with Bourjois Malaysia
Glow makeup is becoming a trend around the world from South Korea to USA and even France! There are many ways to achieve a glowy complexion. Whether you like to start your glow from the base using luminizing primer or foundation, add rosy pearl blusher on the apples of your cheeks or finish strong with your favourite highlighter, you can GLOW your own way! This is the time to polish and challenge yourself artistically!

Where can I post?
Submission starts today until 11 Mar 2017. To join the challenge, create a makeup look based on the theme and complete the instructions below:

1. Post on RiceDolls.com:  Submit your #ShowYourGlow under this challenge at the direct link here. Or you can find the challenge page by clicking on the camera icon button and submit through the #ShowYourGlow tab. Don’t forget to tag or add the shades of the products so others will know what makeup you used as well :) You can use products from any brand though we would love to see your creativity using the Bourjois Paris foundation.

2. Post on Instagram: Share us your final look on Instagram and be sure to tag these;

You can also share the post short link (i.e.: ricedolls.com/+1lr) on Instagram profile or Twitter.

When is the closing date of the challenge?
This challenge ends on Mar 11, 11.59pm (Saturday).

Who can join?
All RiceDolls.com contributors (must reside in Malaysia) can join this challenge and the selected 5 will get to participate on our beauty experiment kit featuring the x2 Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and x1 Healthy Mix Serum courtesy of Bourjois Malaysia.

Can I post more than 1 look?
Yes, totally though we don’t evaluate based on the number of looks you post. It might help your chances of being selected since there could be one that stands out.

What if I resubmit my look from a previous post?
Sorry but the look should be created for this challenge and not be recycled from a past challenge or collaboration as it will not be considered for evaluation.

Tips & tricks to get a fabulous makeup selfie! And…capture our judges’ attention :)

  1. Bright and well-lit environment = clear #nofilter MOTD. Whether you’re using a camera or mobile phone, photograph your makeup look under a good source of light. Natural daylight (morning and evening sun are the best) or any artificial lighting (ring light, soft box) work really well!
  2. Put on a camera-ready makeup! When your makeup look is not visible on camera, that means you’re not wearing enough for the camera to capture properly. Add on more contrast by amping up on your base, highlighters and blushers!
  3. The more, the merrier! Get as many shots and angles to choose your best side!
  4. Have fun! Smile, do the T-Rex pose, look to the side and..enjoy the selfie process!

5 best makeup submissions will get to join RiceDolls Beauty Experiment with the new Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations and Concealer in March 2017.

Click here to view all the submissions from #ShowYourGlow challenge. Any questions, do tweet us at @RiceDollsMY or email social@ricedolls.com

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