RiceDolls beauty community

RiceDolls beauty community

How can I be a part of RiceDolls?

You can sign up here to get started.

RiceDolls.com is a free tool you can use to build your portfolio. Post up your makeup looks and write reviews to showcase your expertise.

Most of our community activities are done through RiceDolls.com. We select talented and active contributors to take part in collaborations, contests and gatherings.

How to post my look?
  1. Before posting a look, you need to sign in to RiceDolls.com account. Create one here
  2. Verify your account by clicking on the link we sent to your email
  3. Look for a ‘Camera’ icon (located on right hand side for Desktop or top navigation on mobile).
  4. Upload your look, add in description and tag products and shades.
What type of makeup looks should I be posting?

Anything and everything from your go-to simple everyday, inspired to artistic and FX makeup looks. In RiceDolls.com, it is all about sharing your makeup looks and products you are using :)

I have submitted a look but it is still on pending.

In RiceDolls.com, we deliberately moderate and monitor each submissions for the benefit of our makeup community to learn and discover. In the event that your photo is not approved or featured, it may be due to;

  1. 24 hour approval process: Please allow 24-48 hours for admin to approve your makeup look(s)
  2. Low photo quality: We encourage all Dolls to post clear and visible makeup shot to ensure better viewing experience for others. Refer to ‘Pictures Do’s & Don’ts’ below to see some examples.
  3. The photo belongs to someone else. *Except for comparison inspired look.
  4. Incorrect product tagging and shade.
Pictures Do’s and Don’t

There are many ways to produce a good and high quality makeup look photos with either digital cameras or phone camera. Tips to improve your makeup photography;

  • For phone camera, the back-camera will produce a much better quality than the front, selfie camera.
  • Lighting: Natural, day light and lamp with blue/white bulbs are the most flattering for portrait shot
  • Less filter = color accuracy
OK - Close up shot taken on day light. Makeup is visible.

GOOD - Close up shot taken on day light.

DO - Subject is at decent distance to the camera

GOOD - Even though this is not a close up shot, the subject is at decent distance to the camera and makeup can be visibly seen.

BAD - Photo is grainy and blur

BAD – Photo is grainy and blur

BAD - Over saturated and filtered image will cause makeup to be less visible and accurate

BAD – Over saturated and filtered image will cause makeup to be less visible and accurate

Subject is too far, therefore makeup cannot be seen clearly.

BAD - Subject is too far, therefore makeup cannot be seen clearly.

Help! I’m facing some problems on posting a look.
  • If the product tagging loads more than 7 secs, try refreshing the page.
  • Or you can write to us. We are happy to assist you.
Where can I post a review?

You can post a product review from your makeup bag inventory. Simply go to your profile page and click on any of your makeup items in your ‘makeup bag’. For example of a product page, go to Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Any photo requirements?

Yes. Deets below:

  1. Must be a photo of yourself (not your friends, family, celebs or anyone you have styled).
  2. Full face or profile shot photo are required
  3. Photo needs to be at least 300 px width of size or any larger photo will be better :)
  4. Make sure the face is clear and visible, under good lighting.
  5. Photo editing or filters are discouraged, except for colour accuracy.
Who can join? Is there an age limit?

Whether you are a professional make up artist, beauty enthusiasts, bloggers, vloggers, aspiring makeup artists or simply have a sheer passion for everything makeup, we love you to join our community.

Everyone from age 16 years and above are welcomed.

Do you have other social media accounts?

Follow us on Instagram at @ricedolls or Tweet us at @ricedollsMY Any feedbacks, hellos or enquiries, do write to us here